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A Movement Toward Social Justice

An Evaluation Report

by Leila Hessini (lhessini@internetegypt.com) y Anita Nayar (nayaranita@hotmail.com)

Strategic Analysis for Gender Equity (SAGE)

October 12, 2000
20 Waterside Plaza, #23K New York, NY 10010 USA

Table of Contents

 I.    Executive Summary

II.     Introduction

III.    Evaluation Methodology

IV.     National, Regional and International Activities
A.      National Organizing Efforts
B.      Regional Organizing Initiatives
C.      International Advocacy  
D.      Impact on Government Processes and Policies
E.      Impact on International Processes and Policies
F.      Challenges to National and Regional Organizing
G.      Challenges to International Advocacy 

V.      Annual Report
A.     Substantive Content
B.     Indicators and Indices
C.     National and Regional Representation
D.     Production and Dissemination
E.     Impact of the Annual Report
F.     Challenges to the Annual Report

VI.   Secretariat and Coordinating Committee Roles
A.     Chronological Overview
B.     NGOs’ Relationship to the Secretariat
C.     Advocacy Tools
D.     Staff and Budget
E.     Challenges to the Secretariat
F.     Challenges to the Coordinating Committee

VII.    Novib´s Role
A.       Key Findings from Novib’s Self-Evaluation
B.       Impact of Novib
C.      Challenges to Novib

VIII.  Recommendations

IX.    Conclusion

Table 1: List of Social Watchers’ Regional Meetings
Table 2: Social Watch Annual Reports: Contributions by Country and Region
Table 3: Social Watch Annual Reports: Content, Form and Language
Table 4: Social Watch Coordinating Committee Meetings
Table 5: Social Watch Advocacy Tools

Appendix 1: Questionnaires Used in this Evaluation   (1)
Appendix 2: Overview of Types of NGOs Interviewed
Appendix 3: List of Interview
Appendix 4: Selected List of Social Watchers' Publications (4)
Appendix 5: Overview of Social Watch Donors
Appendix 6: Social Watch Database: Overview of Use (October 99 to October 00)
Appendix 7: Social Watch Database: Hits by country (August 2000)
Appendix 8: Social Watch Secretariat Budget

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