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This section contains information about Social Watch.
Social Watch in the countries   Social Watch’s trajectory
- National Focal Points. Organizations participating in Social Watch initiative (by country).
- Participating organizations. promoting and developing Social Watch initiative (by country).
- Publicaciones de los Watchers ( Informes Nacionales, Boletines, Documentos, etc publicados por grupos nacionales de Control Ciudadano.)
  - "The Lion’s teeth": the "prehistory"
- Discussion paper
- Social Watch Evaluation Report
l Information on the First Social Watch Assembly, Rome, November 2000.
- Watchers’ voices

- I Information on the Second Social Watch Assembly, Beirut, October 2003

Annual Report
Social Watch publishes its annual report in several languages (English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French and Portuguese). This section contains the full Social Watch reports (in PDF format) since 1996 to date.

It also contains, Other publications by the Social Watch Secretariat, the Occasional Paper Series, and other Watchers’ publications..

Country by contry

Country reports and basic data.

Basic country data and development indicators, present situation, progress and regressions by country.

Access to national reports (in HTML format) published in each Social Watch annual report. Countries followed by an asterisk (*) are those in which there are Social Watch national coalitions and Social Watch national reports.

The big issues
This section contains the Social Watch thematic reports. It includes the last thematic reports, the previous ones, and the reports organized by commitments according to the subject they refer to.

Progress and regressions
Key social development indicators since 1999 to date.

Development indicators
Interactive map, Tables and Graphics of development indicators, of countries for which information is available.

International Commitments agreed at the World Summit for Social Development and the Beijing Platform for Action.
Relevant documents: Millennium Declaration, World Conference on Women, World Summit for Social Development..

Social Watch News

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