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  About Social Watch

Social Watch National groups

National Focal Points
Participating organisations in the Social Watch initiative by country.

Participating organisations
Social Watch initiative is being promoted and developed by the
following organisations (by country)

Publications by Social Watch Nacional Groups
National Reports, Newsletters, Documents, etc. published by Social Watch national groups.

The History of Social Watch

"The lion's teeth": The Prehistory of Social Watch

Discussion papers

Social Watch Evaluation Report, October 2000

Social Watch Assembly report- Rome, Nov.2000

Press articles

Social Watch Assembly - Beirut, October 2003

Social Watch External Evaluation 2001-2005

Third Social Watch General Assembly, Bulgaria, September 2006

Credits / staff

Made possible thanks to the funding and support of the European Commission, Oxfam Novib and the Ford Foundation.

The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of Social Watch and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, Oxfam Novib and the Ford Foundation.

Social Watch is an international network informed by national citizens' groups aiming at following up the fulfilment of internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication and equality. These national groups report, through the national Social Watch report, on the progress - or regression - towards these commitments and goals.

The Social Watch groups, organized on an ad hoc basis, have a focal point in each country that is responsible for promoting the initiative; submitting a national report for the yearly publication; undertaking lobbying initiatives before the national authorities to hold them accountable for the policies in place regarding the agreed commitments; promoting a dialogue about the national social development priorities and developing an active inclusive strategy to bring other groups into the national group.

The international secretariat of Social Watch is hosted by the Third World Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay

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The Third World Institute - Social Watch
Social Watch is an international watchdog citizens' network on poverty eradication and gender equality

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